The Poppy easy fit pants by Sinclair patterns

I had the pleasure to test the Poppy easy fit pants by Sinclair patterns.

Sinclair patterns have options for petite, regular and tall sizes so if you are tall like I am, you would not need to adjust for heights; which is quite challenging to do if you are new at sewing and especially for pants. 
I used African print cotton woven for one of my pair of capris 

I added some piping on the pockets. These capris have a straight flat front waistband and the back waistband has elastic. So no buttons and zippers, my nemesis for pants

The back waistband has elastic so that helps with fitting on the back side.

I has to increase the back of my pants by 1/2 inch to account for sway back. For most women, their back and bottom are a straight line. These women would not need to adjust for sway back. However; if your bottom sticks out and your back arches inwards then you may want to adjust for sway back. Otherwise your pants will ride low to account of the bottom.

This pattern comes with projector and A0!files… bonus

Purchase the pattern here 👇🏾


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