Fabric covered lamp shades-10 minutes.

Woo hoo, welcome to my very first blog. I am so excited and I thought I would share with you just one of my numerous DIYs.

I scored these two beautiful lamps at a garage sale almost 7 years ago. My intention was to paint the bases.

But alas I never got around to do that.

Fast forward 2021, as an owner of a custom fabric store, I have plenty fabric scraps lying around.


Early January 2021, I was browsing YouTube and landed in a tutorial for covering lamp shades with fabric and I decided to do just that.


This is not a tutorial so much as it is a ‘show and tell’. There are plenty tutorials on YouTube on how to go about achieving this. 



This fabric is currently on preorder on our website.



I did; however, applied two coats of Mod Pudge to give it a nice shine, protect the shades and also make them easier to wipe clean. 

Thank you


Photos by Raz 



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